The law firm of Reinhardt Wendorf & Blanchfield was founded in March, 2003 by Mark Reinhardt, Mark Wendorf and Garrett Blanchfield, and is the successor firm of Reinhardt & Anderson, a nationally known class action firm.  The firm focuses its practice on representing plaintiffs in class action litigation.  The philosophy of the firm encompasses the values of hard work, ingenuity, integrity, pride in a quality product and achieving a successful result.  Reinhardt Wendorf & Blanchfield zealously represents plaintiffs in actions involving violations of state and federal antitrust, securities, consumer protection and racketeering laws.  Our attorneys have successfully confronted some of the world’s biggest corporations, challenged their questionable practices and recovered billions of dollars in the cases in which we have been involved. The firm’s reputation for excellence has been recognized in courtrooms across America, and individual firm members have been named as “Super Lawyers” in their practice area.